Verdana – (Yesterday I watched Runaway Jury, In the Name of the King, The Day the Earth Stood Still Remake, and the Day the Earth Stood Still 1951 Release, in that order. The last two had an obvious message: You save your planet from yourselves or we’ll do it for you and you deffinately won’t like how we get it done and You’ve got to stop being agressive and fighting in wars and accept the facts, or we’ll eliminate the threat of your kind, respectively.)

I don’t know about you, but I come from a line of stubborn people. They were told to change and they held onto what they knew all the more tightly. Like my grandfather. He was used to the windmill drawing up water, but when plumbing was put in place he still felt like it was necessary to prime the pump – it wasn’t – in fact, it was actually doing harm. We had to take down the windmill so he would stop priming the pump, but only because he wouldn’t listen to reason, he was stubborn like that. He wasn’t happy about it. He just didn’t take to change.

I think, by spouting off this “things have got to change” message we’ll find ourselves doing more harm than good. You can’t say to one man (or nation) “You’re messing things up, you’ve got to change.” when the entire street (or continent) is just as if not more guilty of messing things up. If you stop the one man (or nation) that is only a drop in the bucket (or ocean) of damage the street (or continent) is up to. What about the man (or nation) that messes things up to mess with his neighbor (another nation). He might even cause another man (or nation) to benefit (monetarily) at the harm of the other guy (or nation) out of spite. Anyway, whenever change is forced, much damage is done, be it by changes of governing systems, official religion, and circumstance. Only when change is chosen do things really and truely change.

When I read the Bible about times of change, I’ve noticed that change that comes about rarely stays. Like the Ninehvites. Jonah came and preached to them, they repented. Several decades later, another minor prophet is told to deliver a message of destruction to them. When Jonah came, they had changed, but it didn’t keep. The israelites didn’t change and fell into the trap of worshipping its neighbor’s gods. Time and time again, the punishment God promised them fell upon them, and generation after generation were condemned. The leaders of the New Testament couldn’t accept the change that Jesus represented, so they put him on the cross.

Then again, when change does keep, it’s backed by God. so I think, our efforts will fail us as long as we pretend not to see the hand of God. It will fail as long as we trust ourselves to get us out of this mess. Adam was supposed to be a gardener, and that trade should have fallen us to us to keep up the land. That greedy part of human (sin) nature had us sell off that land and not care what happened to it. Maybe nothing. Maybe chemical pollution. Maybe a dumping ground. Maybe depletion of the soil and trees. If we have failed the land, the it is only what comes around for it to fail us.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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