Inhibiting In Habiting

Georgia – As I was reading Mere Christianity, I found something of interest. C.S. Lewis said that everything we do contributes to that inner creature which is becomming either of the heavenly or hellish sort. It cut me right though because I’m having enough trouble to just get by these days. That is just it though, we’re Christians, not Worldians. It’s so easy to neglect that new man and return to the old man’s habits. The hard thing is to esablish good habits for the new man, after all, isn’t it said that it takes twenty-one days to do just that?

Actually, that’s not a bad idea … I’ll come up with something eventually, I hope. Anyway, when it came time to sell the puppies, we kept the public areas excessively nice. The dishes were done often, and the surfaces unusually void of junk. Not even three days after all that business was done did we have our junk accumulation zones piling up (that is, any flat surface not used for anything productive such as the shelf, the table, the desk, and the countertop.) Old habits die hard. Old man habits die harder. New man habits are just as hard to establish and keep going. The conscious effort of twenty-one days to remember the new habit might take until it hits a roadblock. A sudden schedule shift sends it south.

Now I admit I know who is in charge and what He’s got planned. I don’t know the why’s of the current goings-on, but I know who we’re expected to be just alike despite this. I don’t imagine that when Jesus first walked the earth things were any less turbulent. Especially not in his neighborhood. Yet, nobody could find fault with him. To our way of thinking, we don’t like to roll up our sleves after a long day of work and see to the needs of everybody, but He did it.

I can’t help but wonder if, in the effort to keep myself afloat, the new man suffers. Perhaps there are alot of us who can’t drop to our knees and attend to the new man part of us on a moments notice. What if we considered our new man self of more importance than just ourself? What if the new man wasn’t visiting on Sunday but lived out each and every day as if it was Sunday?


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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