Dangers of Christianity

Palatino Linotype – (Yesterday was an all-around good day, surprisingly. I got the two star wars episodes I didn’t have, two geneforge games, quite a bit of chocolate, and I know that two stargate sg-1 seasons will be ariving today. I don’t know how we’ll divy those up. Jericho has the run of the house now, everywhere except Cleo’s domain. He’s so cute it’s difficult to be mad at him. He’s even able to beg The German for food, not a task that any other pet succeeds with. Although it’s the boxer look to crop the ears and dock the tail, we opted to keep the ears natural and dock the tail. That’s how his father looked. He’s keeping himself occupied wrestling his mother.)

From the way that people in other countries treat Christianity, one would think it was dangerous. Christians are either accepted or targeted. They are either free or restrained by law.

Dangers of Christianity (From the World’s Point of View)

Freedom – Christians believe that they have been freed by the blood of Jesus Christ. His death allows them to escape the chains of sin and death itself. His ressurection allows them to walk with him in Heaven. This freedom is carried over into much of daily life. They feel that they are free of many things including fear. Freedom is dangerous. Too much and people feel like they are in charge. They need only enough so that they think they are free but to be controlled by whomever is in charge.

Perspective – The Christian perspective says that this is the proving grounds that determines the rewards one will get in heaven. In fact, they are told to expect troubles of all sorts. Without the world’s perspective, they seem to be happy without riches, success, and excessive possessions. This perspective keeps them from seeing the truth that only riches, success, and posessions beyond number actually matters and proves ones status.

Interfereance – The Christians are asked to go to places where they are not and share the messages of perspective and freedom. They turn the people there to their way of thinking and we lose control of them. They go to places that we have made hostile to them and keep on comming no matter the death or violence. They turn the hearts of people to their cause. Our only solution is to keep them grounded by problems in their homelands.

Truth – Christians claim to have the truth. They believe it ever so greatly that most of them have nine copies of it. We have tried to disuade them by telling them that it is not possible for their truth to be true after two thousand years of mistreatment, copying, and re-telling through the generations. At least if the rich ones keep so many copies and the poor ones aren’t given any access to these copies then it keeps it from spreading. Can you imagine what harm it would do if each Christian had one and gave the other eight away?

God – Most dangerous of all, Christians believe that Jesus is the gate to God. They call him the creator. If he were, we would know, wouldn’t we? They believe he is in charge lets them  be free, shows them a better perspective, and interferes all things with the truth. When he is in charge, we are not. If people thought this then our most potent tool, greed would be ineffective. Let us be glad that Christians believe what they believe but don’t change much overall. If they did then it would be the end of us.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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