That Evil

Segoe UI – My magazine bore this letter to its editors: “I’m unsuscribing from this magazine because its views are not in line with a modern understanding of evil. Satan and demons do not exist.”

Believing in a modern understanding of evil should not neccessarily rule out the truths about evil mentioned in the Bible. Perhaps they were quick to blame demons, but we are lacking if we rule them out altogether. Does evil’s m.o. change?

The German made fun of the fact that our former leader condemed another country and its leader as evil. “Surely, they are not evil. We simply have a culture that values opposite the way that they do it and it only seems evil to us.” To which this is the sort of thing that my sister would respond, “But in WWII, Germany’s leader, his political party and ideas, as well as anybody who went along with it could be called evil on account of the Holocaust.” Once the particulars were debated out, they would both agree that Germany’s WWII leader was a brilliant speaker turning the people’s passions against them while painting the sorce of all economic problems were the Jewish people. He was an evil madman, to be sure, but brilliant enough to succeed at taking over half of europe.

I searched the phrase “modern understanding of evil” hoping to find a sermon that could clear up why neither Satan or his minions don’t exist, but I only found psychological papers and whatnot that didn’t fit the bill. After all, if it is possible to explain away supernatural evil, then when people are met with it they would not know that is what it is. We have ruled out supernatural evil, and in the process gotten rid of supernatural good. Since the greatest supernatural good is Jesus’ ressurection, what have we left to believe? Unless of course, Jesus’ ressurection did happen. Thus proving supernatural good can and did happen. Perhaps it still does every now and then, for those with faith enough. The sort of mountain-moving faith that Jesus taught about.

It also rules out what the Bible says is true. Satan was once an angel of heaven who turned his back on it so he could make his own thrown higher than God’s. His rebellion turned many angels to his side. They were all cast out of heaven. Some are kept in chains in Hell, the prison designed for fallen angels that also serves as a convienient place to put wayward humans who reject salvation by Jesus’ blood. Those fallen angels became demons. Some we know, such as Legion. others were nameless in the Bible but left a mark enough to be mentioned in the Bible. What of Jesus’ very teaching on the subject?

I wonder then, what good is a modern understanding of evil in these times. Is it only an absence of good on the part of the people? The Bible, that timeless word of truth, says that we are to expect evil being called good and good being called evil in the confusion as the world descends toward its ending. How terrible that time will be when all the good things are condemed as evil. How much worse for us when all things evil will be celebrated as good. I am told that in Hitler’s day, the Hitler youth were honored when they turned in their relatives who helped the Jews. The confusion under that one leader will return, under one leader of all the world. I’m honored to be the sort of evil the future leader will condemn. Are you that evil?

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