System – (I’ve been enjoying my games thoroughly. So much so that I didn’t pay attention to the dates and I’ve been more or less absent from here. I’ve also taken the oppurtunity to venture outside every now and then. It seems the weather will hold at 70 degrees for the next few days before we get some rain.)

I was watching one program or another and the narrarator went into length about the wonderful provision of nature. More specifically, the belief that he wouldn’t be so well off if the universe hadn’t put him in a certain place at a certain time. I believe that I once mentioned that Tremors 3 also had a character who believed that his life was planned out by the universe. It was as if the universe was a kind thing that would care for its own.

I haven’t met anybody who fully believes in the universe in that way, perhaps it is confined only to the television’s capitol. Perhaps not. I only see it as an alternative. Since what I believe is the truth, to me, all alternatives contain or are made of lies. The thing is, I’ve never seen or heard of any evidence that the universe was a kind thing that cares. As far as I know, it’s so busy spinning around and following the laws it is bound by, its lack of heart or mind or soul keeps it from caring about any one or all of us in particular. Which is why it is really easy for it to send our way all these near-miss asteroids and the ones that won’t miss at all.

It seems like every old convention on television is being turned up-side-down, sometimes for the better, sometimes not. It was once uncommon to display women as having more intelligence than the men, now it is the men that are potrayed with a double helping of stupidity. It was once uncommon to hear a foul word, it is that way no longer. A long time ago, Christianity was treated with respect, not anymore. Why be answerable to God when you came come up with your own alternative where you answer to no one? Where you are not challenged to become a better person? Where you don’t have to make a difference for the good?

It reminds me of that passage in the Old Testament. One of the Prophets was pointing out that the half the wood that wasn’t any good for making an idol was used to make a fire. We don’t have the same old idolatry problem. There isn’t a store where we can choose the various gods and buy them. There isn’t a temple on the corner to offer up incense. The idols were obstacles that prevented people from going to the God that had put them in the promised land. Our obstacles are our busyness, our time, our televisions, and anything else that keeps ups from going to the God that had set apart this land to made it the bastion of freedom it is.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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