Trebuchet MS – Hi. I just wanted to talk. I’m fine I guess. There’s not much going on. The weather is decent, for now, but a bit chilly.  At least it’s not raining. I beat my game. I’m playing it again, this time as a full fledged member of the other side. The puppy’s training isn’t going smoothly, but he’s learning. There’s just something I couldn’t help but wonder…

There are a lot of us. Christians. We’re all over the place. I just want to know how we could simply not care. The church had this video about a man making a collage of people – all of them Christians who have faced persecution and death. The statistic they gave us was that 200 million Christians were at risk. Those of us who know nothing but safety would gladly pay to help them move somewhere safe, but the task of seeking and saving the lost has no room for safety. There are people in dire need out there.

There are people in need and we’re so busy keeping afloat we don’t realize how much we’re struggling and how tired we’ll be in a short while. We think, we’ll help them just as soon as we’re able. Drowning in debt like never before, we fail to pay even the dividend on that debt of love we’re supposed to be known by. So both the saved and the unsaved are at risk. The saved have very little or no support, they live in such poverty as we’ll never know, and they are a target against whom there is no penalty to destroy. The unsaved won’t get much of an opportunity to hear the gospel as fewer and fewer Christians are over there to risk it all.

I can’t help but wonder if there ever would have been a Paul if it weren’t for Stephen. I can’t help but wonder who should have been a Paul but is still a Saul because he has yet to meet a Stephen. I accused us of not caring because we let both the saved and the unsaved get in such a precarious position. There are some areas on this half of the world that have yet to hear the good news, but the unsaved stretch as far as Morocco all the way to the Indonesian islands. All we are asked is to give them the opportunity. There is no opening for us to do that with the crazy state of the world, but shouldn’t that be reason enough to?


2 thoughts on “Careful

  1. Great post.  You are so right.  We could impact the world so much but we are too worried about our own lives to even make a small dent.


  2. I think the new “Dark Continent” is Europe. Most Europeans don’t think they need God. It is spiritually very dark here. I know there is much persecution in the places you mentioned as well. We may not be able to give, but we can certainly PRAY!


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