The Author’s Voice

Arial – (Quite the head cold I’ve mostly recovered from, just a stray cough or two here and there. Exchange students are a difficult sort to get birthday gifts for because rarely do they have the room to carry back with them the odd gift or two with the souvineers they aquire over their time here. As a result, we gave our student an experience that isn’t likely to be duplicated over where he lives; we took him to a minor league baseball game. I asked him what sort of sport would be baseball’s equivalent over in Germany, his reply was soccer. I watched the Tincaps play the Seahawks. The Tincaps are better than the Wizards – but there are few differences in said teams. I even enjoyed the park specialty, apple crisp! I saw Mine That Bird win the ‘Tucky Derby and Rachel Alexandra take the Preakness Stakes by storm. I’m looking forward to the next race and what stories will come from it.)

I was reading the second blog entry of a new member of xanga, a relative of mine and I noticed that I could ‘hear’ her in her words. The words she chose to say, how she ordered them, it was if she was right here telling me about how Jesus touched the leper. It struck me how the blog of another relative also sounded just like that relative. So I must conclude that all words of texts bear the personality of its writer. Yet the Bible is a difficult book to discern. Christians believe that the book was divinely inspired by God, and the people who actually wrote it were something like ghost writers.
Scolars have studdied each book in the Bible (and quite a few outside of it, too) and have found various indications of a particular author’s tone and style, but it’s difficult to hear God himself in the text. As a result, I must conclude that the failure is in one of two possibilities, perhaps God has not made himself clear or I don’t Him well enough to see Him written all over his work. I’m more inclined to think the fault lies with me because God has made himself perfectly clear.
Such are the mysteries of Him! So clear and yet so much unable to be understood! So that’s what I’ve been thinking about. I just wonder what he sounds like. Is He a Righteous God making judgements? Is He a Holy God carrying out sentences? Is He a Merciful God sparing those he has shown the way out? Is He the Loving Friend who would spare a city for the sake of fifty and even five Christians? Is He the Innocent Brother who would take upon himself the punishment of another? Is he the Gracious Father waiting for all His Children to come to Him? Is He the Spirit that never leaves his own alone? Is He all of that and more?


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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