And then …

Batang – It begins with recognizing that we are unable to do the task of saving ourselves by ourselves and comming to know the One who can save all of us. It’s an epic journey full of danger and despair, peace and hapiness. The road ahead is narrow and difficult, and so few find it. In time, we come to find wisdom and understanding is better than knowledge, grace and love is better than hope, and that mercy is worth more than money itself. And so through thick and thin, with our Bibles at our side, we grow into godliness and increase in Christlikeness. And then …

Mentoring? Missions? Ministry? The things that God has in mind for each and every one of us is incredible. The blessings that result – unbelievable. Its just that His timing is exact and we might have to wait for it. Sometimes we don’t have to wait too long, and at other times we must wait quite a while. That’s okay though, because that is a meantime where we can prepare ourselves. We might go to a place where having a memory of the Bible is beneficial as the book itself is often outlawed. We might be sent where the people around us are thieves and liars and need extra grace to be dealt with, in which case a prison ministry might get us ready for that. We could put the time to good use learning another language, assisting local ministries, mentoring the youth, and the occasional mission trip as they become available. And then …

Retirement isn’t an option, we only can change what we can in the time we have here. We can only continue in the grace of God, carrying out His will as we understand what he asks of us to do and what he’s made us for. Aren’t we the workmen for whom God has prepared our work? Aren’t we the watchmen for whom God has set us on the walls? Aren’t we the Christian for whom we are to be as Christ to the parts of the world that don’t know that name? And then …



One thought on “And then …

  1. Hi Becky…RYC.. yeah, it means you have to make new friends (lol). I am sure you will remember how to make new friends (smile)… and pray you do Thanks for the comments. Phil


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