A Favor to the World

Courier – The battle is going to get tough, that we know. I don’t mean tough as difficult, that would put it lightly. Eventually Christianity will be the target of the whole world’s wrath. Much of us assume we won’t be here to see it. Then again, many of us aren’t going to step foot in a country that is actively persecuting Christians now. We’re told that people who kill Christians will think they are doing the world a favor. I wanted to focus on that.

I want to know how bad things have to go with Christianity in order to obtain that enemy of the world status. Since Christianity is associated with Right-Wing Republican Politics, then there’s a mark against us in that we voted in one of the most hated presidents in recent decades who put us into two wars and then there’s that torture controversy. What if the world is convinced that our progress is dependant on a legislation that calls for something against Biblical teachings and Christians block its passage by a massive ‘vote no’ campaign? Will Christianity eventually be regulated against? It’s hard to imagine what would turn the world or even our own country against us, but it’s more difficult to figure out what it will look like.

Obviously, we ought to find some way to diffuse any current dislike of Christianity and make it more difficult to find a reason to hate Christians now and in the future. I don’t think it would be wise to go from right to full left, so we’ll have to find a way to maintain our Christian beliefs and compromise on legistlation for the good of the nation. The way I see it, whoever gets put into office is according to God’s will so we ought to follow His Word on the matter and pray for our leaders. (Apparently He often lets a nation have what is comming to them by giving them a bad leader, time and time again Israel’s kings were rather naughty and the people who paid the price for it were led astray. Now we shall see where we stand with God by what sort of leader we have.) Our mayors, governors, and presidents could all use some guidance from he who knows the road ahead.

As far as the other thing goes, Christians must remember who they represent, and certainly not themselves. We’ve done a bad job representing Christianity and worse representing Christ in recent years. Just as the Churches helped out in the great depression, it’s time our churches lent out during this lengthy recession. We have a ways to go and there are entire cities that have been plunged into turmoil. Things are going to be tough for awhile and Christians cannot afford to wait out the worst of it. It’s time to pull up our sleaves and obey God’s commandments for Christians. It’s time to do what the New Testament tells us to. Christ would have us go, bind up wounds, feed the hungry, help find work for the poor, and be a presence in the community that people can count on.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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