An Educated Morality

Franklin Gothic Medium –  (Just saw that Star Trek movie, I’ve gotta say that it would make an interesting series. I kind of wonder what sort of alternative spin they would take on the series. Would they do the same episodes or imply original past events had happened in between episodes? I found Checkov, Scotty, and Bones to be pretty good and I didn’t care so much for the others as I’m not a fan of the original. I beat my game again, now I have to beat it another four ways to get all half dozen endings. I’ve been listening to National Public Radio just because they’re always talking about something no matter how much or little relevance it bears on everyday life. Recently, a caller was extoling the virtues of the new phenomenon of Educated Morality. Here’s what I think.)

We already know that there are about twenty morals common to almost every culture on earth. Most of them had come to believe what was right on wrong based on the rules of their religion’s code of morality. That is why I was concerned about the educated morality that is coming into our national consciousness. They say that since we don’t all have the same religion we can’t use religion to guide our morality because they don’t always agree. (And thus it rules out everything they do agree on?) So the next best thing is to make the rules based on the the things we’ve learned over the years. The problem lies in that education is constantly changing and it leads to the conclusion that morality would change, too.
Morality has already vastly changed because it is mostly defined by the people. It is reflected by our laws of what’s wrong – after all there is now law against doing something right. Just because a thing is legal does not make it right. Another thing that is a concern, is that if our education sets our morality, than the most educated can make their wrongs “right” because they know more than everybody else. Sort of like how the rich people used to make the rules hundreds of years ago.
The problem lies in moral transitions, when something that was considered wrong starts to be accepted. The thing of it is that our orginal moral codes come from the Bible which has not changed, ever. We would like to think that because our understanding has increased and we simply know more compared to the things people knew two thousand years ago that we can rewrite the rules. I don’t suggest doing so, our record proves that we don’t really know what we’re doing. Not that much has changed though, it’s wrong to murder, steal, lying is a mean thing to do. There are only a few sentiments that have changed. Even now though, we can’t agree. However, it’s not much of a problem as people now have a sort of “Religion is for Sunday” mentality and they are likely to keep their faith out of everyday life. You’d think we would have learned better by now, but since we have not we must repeat the lesson until we learn it.
Like many things, morality shouldn’t simply be taught in schools. We can see that our politeness classes have worked to such great success that we can’t leave it in the hands of the school. For one thing it would be a little late to begin teaching right and wrong at the age of five when it should have begun as soon as the kid could understand the word ‘no’. So where do we compromise when one’s religious-based morality is in conflict with the society-set morality around us? Obviously, a man’s morality is good to himself, but it would do no good to impose it on somebody who has not the fear of God. So that means no condemning people, God doesn’t need you for that. Now that you follow His rules, you ought to do so to the best of your ability and not compromise so that others will see how you live and give God the glory for it.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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