For His Names Sake

Microsoft Sans Serif – So the story goes like this: As my mother was expecting my arrival, my soon-to-be great grandmother’s health took a turn for the worse and she was in and out of the hospital often that month. Every time there was a visit, she would ask if the baby had been born yet. Then early one morning the baby was being born. Not long after, my parents received word that my dad’s grandmother was being brought to the very same hospital. This time they could tell her that I had arrived. Then she fell asleep. That was the day she died. I’ve never seen her obituary, but when we buried my own grandmother I saw her headstone. I’ve been told about her throughout my life. “She was such a lady, she wouldn’t leave the house without her white gloves.” “She was the kindest, sweetest, most caring woman I’ve ever met. She really made me feel apart of the family.” And yet, it seems she also had an adventurous side in the old photos we have found. That was the day that Millie Catherine died and “Eva Lynn” Catherine was born. Our common name, Catherine, is from the Greek word for purity.

Like many people in my family, my name comes from my relatives before me. However, I did take a name upon myself several years ago. I took the name Christian. It’s more of a title perhaps, but like Catherine, it identifies me as one associated with Christ Jesus. I’m not expected to live up to Millie Catherine. I am, however, supposed to gain a measure of Christ-likeness. Not just looking like him, but being like him in all I do. Christ and Messiah share the same meaning, “anointed one”. Jesus is a variant of Joshua, meaning “God saves.” There’s so much in a name. Especially His as it is the name above all names.

Living up to His name is not an easy task. Think of what Jesus did; not just teaching and healing, but selflessly made an example of his life in his actions: He hung out with sinners rather than stick to the religiously pious leaders of the day, He would help whosoever came to him even after a long day of helping others, He had compassion with all the people, He didn’t care about social conventions that prevented people from getting help, in short, He did all this and more because He could do it because He was and is and will always be God.

To follow in his footsteps and live up to his name isn’t possible of us, but is possible through us because our lives might be the only Bible some people may ever see. That wonderful book has the names and stories of people who weren’t perfect but who made a big difference in the world even though in most cases they never lived to see it. Neither will we always live to see the impact we make, even in this virtually instantaneous gratification world. What we will see though, are the people who take upon themselves the title/name Christian because of what we’ve done when we’re all gathered together.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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