The Barrel Trick

Californian FB – (Today we awoke early to send off our exchange student. He’ll soon be back home in Germany. I’ve learned alot from him and perhaps forgotten even more. We had German Goulash and Spatzle, sort of like mini-dumplings and steak in an tomatoey onion and pepper sauce. It was pretty good. I like it, anyway. I only have a few thoughts today.)

This is only a portion of America. You could live a lifetime in each state and have a different experience of what it is to be an American. We are a people so alike and so different at the same time. We are blessed with much and blessed with little. Our passions can stir us to do great things and our anger can land us on the other side of the world. We’re a paradox in the sense of what we are we also are not. Most of us are so busy living that we can’t look down the road. Otherwise we would have seen this coming and we would have gotten out of the way. We don’t pay much attention to politics, in a society of specialization, we leave that to the politicians. Same for business and financial matters. Perhaps to our peril.

Understanding that our system of government is only effective when the people are in charge, perhaps this is all our due for our apathy. We could have look in more at what our leaders were doing, we could have meant “No” when we said it. We could have risked being over the barrel than being controlled by corruption and greed. Now there is no telling what lies at the end of the road for us. Every nation has its time, perhaps this is a time when the America we know must decrease. Perhaps we’ll come back humbled for it. Then again, learning lessons doesn’t come easily for us.

As I had said, it’s possible for most nations to have one or two things in common with Nazi Germany, but when you have over two-dozen things in common, you really have to sit down and decide which fork in the road the to take. sadly, rugged indiviualism, self-sufficiency, and other such things are more in the history books than a fact of life. Given the chance most people would side with the wrong fork and hope it turns out for the best. The right fork is just too difficult a choice. Nobody is prepared to make that choice or to live with its consequences, whether good or bad. History is happening now and we’ll likely be recorded as an infamous and irresponsible generation.

How many freedoms have we lost? How many more are we risking? How many have we traded in for an hours or a days worth of security? The price of freedom is human lives. That is what was paid at America’s founding. It was paid again when the country was divided in half. It was paid to rescue the Jewish people from a brutal government. It is being paid now in a part of the world that is less free than any other. When we trade in our freedoms for security, we are asking for insurance from mobsters. We make those lives that bought that freedom lost for nothing.

You see, I expect America to end. This system cannot last. Our people are unable to depend on themselves, their cities, their counties, their states, their national government in that order. They’d rather vote in bonuses from the treasury. A nation in debt, a nation of debtors, a world drowning in debt. Our recent bills have caused every living man, woman, and child in this nation to owe at least thirty thosuand dollars, to be taken out of the same tax dollars that will repair our roads and do whatever else is proposed. So you see, even me, who has never had a credit card or lived beyond my means now owe a debt I cannot pay. None of us can. If the borrower is a slave to the borrowee, then why does it feel the other way around? Why can’t we see that we are, in fact, in the barrel? The same barrel that is going over the falls. It’ll be a miracle if we miss the rocks…


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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