Calisto MT – I was looking around for something to blog about and I found something that somebody had said about somebody else. Since both somebody were people of celebrity, people were already talking about it. The comments that were left either approved the statement or basically stated “I am not going to believe a word this guy says, he can’t even get along with his children!”

Here’s something you might not know, most every speaker in the Bible has a ‘disqualifying trait’ in the eyes of the public, but that doesn’t matter to God.

Genesis – Joseph had been sold into slavery and imprisoned
Exodus – Moses had a speech impediment, had comitted murder, married into another people, and he brought bad news, really bad news.
1 Samuel – Although we was a Prophet of God, his sons were out of control
1 and 2 Kings – Many kings and the occasional prophet were troublemakers, but despite the lineage of disobedience, there were some who restored their people.
Amos – A former shepherd from some backwater countryside
Matthew – Jesus had a reputation of being a glutton, a drunkard, and a friend of sinners
Acts – Paul had persecuted the early church, involved in the stoning of it’s first martyr, Stephen, and he brought good news, really good news.
Acts – Timothy’s father was Greek and his mother was a Jew, therefore he was excluded from the traditions of his mother’s people.

Now if God could forgive these faults, why is it so much more difficult for us to ignore them? Does it really matter if somebody can’t get along with his children, once smoked half his brain cells dead, or was a former worker in the oldest occupation available to women? Isn’t their testimony now more to his glory despite what they’ve done and what they’ve been through?

What about your ‘disqualifying trait’? Would you want it to be brought up everytime you were trying to do something for God? Here’s the thing, Satan likes to remind you that you’re ‘disqualified’, but that’s only because he’s afraid that you’ll do something that’ll hurt his kingdom. If he can keep you ineffective so that nobody gets saved because of you than he’s done his job and you haven’t done yours.   


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