A world that got the Bible banned

Courier New – (My sweet-tooth won yesterday. I modified a basic chocolate mug cake recipie, but cooked it in a butter bowl. I had some peaches and then a little watermelon. Then I had some rice crispy treats. After that, I made a couple dozen chocolate chip cookies. The garden is starting to come up, I recognized tomatoes, corn, peppers, onion, broccoli and we’re trying potatoes this year, too, in some sort of standing cage. Jericho is getting so big! For the most part he’s been behaving himself, as much as a puppy his age can, anyway. He likes being outside, but he has alot to learn. Yesterday an area over his eye swelled up badly due to a bee sting. After a few hours it went away.)

It’s difficult to imagine our world without the Bible, not because it wasn’t given to us, but because we have entirely rejected it. That was why it was the safest place to put this prophecy (and I’m only elaborating on a few pieces of it.) The generation that sees it fulfilled will never see it comming:

It’s a day of celebration and gift-giving. The occasion: it’s been three days since two trouble-makers, self-proclaimed witnesses, were murdered in the streets. The whole world could look in for themselves to see that these men were still dead and, for that matter, were still lying in the streets. Nobody was in a hurry to bury them. There is even a jubilant crowd gloating about the deed and how it was done. They gasp and step back, something is happening. The bodies begin to breathe, then the two alive, formerly dead men get up onto their feet. The crowd is struck with terror. Will these two men call on fire or worse to instantly destroy them all? It seems as if the men hear something just before they begin to ascend. Higher, higher, into a cloud, and gone! Not long afterwards, not even at the end of that very hour there is a terrible earthquake. It levels a tenth of the city and takes seven thousand lives. The terrified survivors could only give God glory after a thing like that.
People have gone their own way. They worked with their hands (not in a good way), worshipped demons, bowed down to idols of stone and wood, of gold, silver, and copper, they were murderers, magicians and sorceresses and warlocks and witches, they were sexually immoral and they were thieves. They gave up their self-rule and agreed to follow a single leadership that managed to unite the world even though it was the most chaotic time in history. When the leadership told the people that they must bear a loyalty mark, few complained. Those that chose the mark are allowed to buy and sell to their hearts content. Even their spiritual devotion is to that leadership and its image, a likeness of him that can speak for itself. It is their duty to turn in anyone without the loyalty mark. Everyone must have this mark, to refuse is met out with the punishment of beheading.
You are either a non-loyalist, marked for death, or a loyalist, an extra pair of eyes, ears, and hands to enforce the leadership’s new laws. What is the value of one loyalist life among legions who are already marked for a fate worse than death?

Unfortunately, things will be much worse. Only he or she who lives at this time, desperate for peace and prosperity, scared of the natural disasters, and deluded by unbelievable miracles can explain their choice to take the mark. Had they only read their Bibles, they would have known what little good that mark really does them. At this point and time it’s not too late.   

...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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