A world that got the Bible but never got it

Eras Medium ITC – You know this one, it’s the world we live in. Areas that have the Bible’s influence had healthcare, education, and justice available to all. It seems however, that the rich seem to get better healthcare, education, and justice. We have the Bible, but we don’t understand how to live by it. Some of our laws are the same, no murder, no stealing. Some aren’t. The Bible makes a big deal out of things like adultery when people see it as natural inclination. Even though we have the guidance from the Bible, we tend to ignore it completely for whatever we want for ourselves. Some countries in this world have followed God for alot longer than we have, and are alot further down the timeline than we are, but this is what happened to them. They created traditions and insisted on following them as the bored youth quit comming. When ‘other’ was offered, they took it.

If we did ‘get’ the Bible, and did what it said, this would be an unrecognizable world. Nobody would be in need of anything, be it clothing, food, or shelter. People would lend out their possessions to help out others without a second thought, and those possessions would always be returned promptly. No money would be charged. We would know that carrying out the law is less important than carrying out the spirit of the law. Arguments happen, but are settled quickly. The individual is as important as the whole, a city as important as the country. When natural disasters happen, people don’t think, “I’m certain that trained people are already out there helping people out.” They ask themselves, “How can I lend a hand?” Churches would have no need for doors, people would come in and out at any time each and every day of the week.

Unfortunately, we don’t. Americans have something like nine Bibles on their shelves all collectively collecting dust. We get caught up in the everyday living and can’t find the time to catch up with the Bible. Perhaps when we feel guilty we give a little extra, adopt a televangelist, and maybe even sign up for the first available ministry opportunity in church. Our system is about satisfying our feelings, not doing things His way. We have a dual system for things like education. Public schools are cheaper but private schools are better. There are people who won’t eat today, don’t have a home to go to, and are never warm enough out there, but aside from the people who are already doing what they can about it, everybody else assumes they don’t have to do anything. The widows have no company, the orphans have it really bad in some parts of the world. Once the older ones are kicked out of the system, they have no option other than prostitution and homelessness. We have the Bible, but we don’t have an understanding of how to apply it.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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