I Can’t Serve God Because I’m Not Wired That Way

Goudy Stout – Our Divinely Natural Attributes was written long ago to tell us how tall we would be, what color of hair we would have, and what sort of person we would be. Then, as we grew, life tempered our experiences to define us as a more complete individual. However, we are left at odds. There are times when the timid must rely on their courage, the angry must seek out peace, and the shy must delight in the strength of company. Yet, it is against their very natures to do so. Attitude plays a key factor. In the same way that weather is to a climate, an attitude is to one’s temperament. It too, can change and you just may get something you don’t expect.

Sometimes we surrender to a bad temperament and a worse attitude. The good news is that when we give our old lives, old temperaments and old attitudes to Christ, it dies and we have new ones to replace them. So there is no excuse for not serving God. Who we are is no hinderance. Our new self is very much like Christ and it endeavors to become all the more like Christ.

You have to put off the old man each morning and put on the new man. It’s not always easy to look through the new man’s eyes when the remnant of the old man’s is so easy, comfortable and familiar. Yet again, we are at odds. The spirit of the new man against the flesh of the old man. The new man is willing but the old man is weak.

If God wants to get something amazing done, He’ll find a way to do it. The only thing that can stop him working through you is yourself. Has he laid a matter on your heart that you’ve found every excuse not to see to? Something you know you ought to do but can’t get yourself to do it? The old man is winning. Sure, God will get that something done through somebody else if He has to, but you would have lost out on the blessing that would have been yours as a result. You would have lost out on touching other’s lives. You would have lost out on increasing your faith and so much more.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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