Good Heavens!

Lucida Sans – I would have some fourty acres, perhaps with a running stream. I would have some hills, trails, and poison ivy-less woods. There would be no shortage of flowers, fruits, and vegetables to grow, but there would always be time to ride my horses down the trail and through the woods. My dog would keep me company and I would have a cat wandering around. The only problim is that this sort of heaven could never be. It nullifies the reality of heaven that God lives there. My heaven makes it sound as if I give my life to Him, He will give me what I want in heaven and let me be.

Heaven is unimaginable to us now, but the Bible does give us a glimpse of what we’re in for. The place to be is new Jerusalem. It’s where God lives. it’s the source of everything. Israel’s borders will be rewritten and outsiders who settle there will be treated as Israelites and recieve an inheritance there. People would live in peace and even the animals would get along. Fishing would take place where the river meets the sea. Just outside the city will be a common pastureland where homes will be built and workers will farm.

Sounds more interesting than harp playing on a cloud, doesn’t it? I’m looking forward to great feasts and celebrations in the city. There is more to this faith than being a good person. It’s about whether you identify yourself with God like you would your favorite team. Do you know Him inside and out? Do you wear His name? Would you follow him throughout the season of your life?

Good people who refuse God’s offer of salvation will find themselves on the same boat as bad people who rejected God’s offer of salvation. We were told the rules and the price. We can’t expect to get the prize for breaking the rules or not paying the price or a reward for rejecting them.

It goes like this: we are born on the losing team. Unless we switch sides by accepting Jesus offer of transfer, we will go to the place where people who are bad, hate God, and reject His offer of salvation go, that is, hell. When we accept the transfer and live by the rules (love God and love people), we will go to the place where both good and former  bad guys go, the place where people love God, accept God, and live with Him go, that is, heaven. Any heaven without God is the furthest thing from.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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