A Fundamental Change

Microsoft Sans Serif – (I got a free haircut yesterday and got rid of half my hair. It’s a big difference that I’m still not used to. It’s surprised everybody. )

2 Timothy 2:11-13, “11Here is a trustworthy saying:
   If we died with him,
      we will also live with him;
 12if we endure,
      we will also reign with him.
   If we disown him,
      he will also disown us;
 13if we are faithless,
      he will remain faithful,
      for he cannot disown himself.”

Our salvation hinges on our belief of Jesus’ ressurection. I wanted to look at it another way:

Jesus has often illustrated Biblical truths with parables. In one such story, a man sowed good seed into his field, but in the night an enemy put weed seeds among them. As the crops grew, it became evident that weeds had been mixed in with the wheat. The man’s servant asked if they should pull them up, but the man said no because he didn’t want any good seeds to be uprooted. So he decided to wait until it was harvest time, then he would have the wheat and the weed seperated. The weeds would then be gathered together and burned and the wheat would be gathered together and stored in the barn.

Jesus then explained the parable. The son of man sowed the sons of God, but his enemy, the devil, sowed his sons among them. At the end of the age, the harvesters – angels, will weed out evil-doers and the things that cause sin and put them into the furnace.

It’s not the sort of thing most people who aren’t saved look forward to. We were born with the seed of sin in our nature. As we grew up, that seed grew into the weed that bore rotten fruit. When we accept God’s salvation, there is a complete change. The seed of sin dies with Jesus. He is ressurected and replaces the weed with the wheat. No longer are we sons of the devil, but now we are sons of God.

Now we must grow up as wheat, surrounded by weeds that easily choke out and inhibit our progress. We can endure and produce fruit. Or we could fail, turn or backs on God, and produce rotten fruit. In which case, God won’t give up on us, but He won’t be pleased with us either.

Elsewhere in the Bible, it says that such people will make it to heaven only just escaping the flames, perhaps singed and smelling of smoke. It’s good news really because I have the feeling that many people from this generation have been burnt by the church. So are you? A weed, bound for the fire? Failing wheat, salvagable but burnt? Successful wheat, bearing the fruit of righteousness?


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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