The Fourth Judge

I am a fan of Kevin Skinner. You don’t know him? He is the man who awed America’s Got Talent with Garth Brooks’ “If Tomorrow Never Comes.” He walked on the stage with a guitar in hand and, according to one judge, with his hat on the wrong way. The host was less than impressed. The audience welcomed him with a little laughter.
Apparently, he didn’t look talented. You see, talented people look like actors in Hollywood, singers, athletes, etc. So it’s not possible to look normal and be talented or to look talented and not, in fact, be talented.
Never should we forget Billy Idol. He looked like a star, but could neither sing nor dance. Fortunately, he had friends in the business that could and did make him a star. No performer has ever been caught lip-synching, perish the thought! What about old Hollywood that demanded all its actors to be able to sing and dance? How many celebrities would be thrown out of Hollywood if that rule were still in effect today? By this principle, Paris Hilton is talented and Ben Stein is not.
He was asked a few questions, which he answered honestly with his strong country accent. The judges seem less than complementry. Again, the audience laughed a little more. (People with accents are not to be trusted.)
Apparently, talented people don’t farm, catch chickens, or flip burgers for a living. Somehow the audience was told that farmers, chicken catchers, burger flippers, garbage men, waitresses, juvenile court judges, pig farmers, janitors, etc. are jobs for people who are too unsophisticated, unintelligent, or poor to be doctors, lawyers, dentists, police men, fire men, etc. and so such people deserve to be laughed at when they chase their dreams by stepping on stage, playing a guitar and singing for or to you.
I’m sorry, but these jobs that most people laugh at have more nobility about them than most people think. Here’s why: Say everybody was a politician (you can’t have enough of those in one place) and they decided that it was time to get some lunch. Since none of them know anything other than politics, they can’t gather food (might be poisonous) or grow it. It looks like they’ll be going out to eat. Well, they would if there were any restaurants, but there are none, not even KFC or KGC. Unfortunately there are no restaurateurs, chefs, severs, managers, suppliers, truckers, farmers, pickers, ranchers, chicken breeders, or chicken catchers. So these politicians, legislating until their last starved breath ends, have nothing at all to show for it. In reality, such a world could never exist. The occupation of farmer is much older than politician.
Even from day one farmers were the foundation of our economic society. Everybody lived to farm and farmed to live. It took so much of our collective time and effort, we hardly had much in us to build homes and barns, but we did. Over time, we developed technology and techniques that made it easier for fewer people to do more farming. Now people were freed up to pursue other skills, work metals, build things, take up religion, administer rules and justice, do some inventing, tend to the ailing, etc. Nothing we have here today would be here were it not for farmers and ranchers.
Would they have laughed at a New York department store clerk with aspirations to be a star on Broadway? A Chicago businessman who could sing the blues? A dancing disgraced former Philly pharmacist? Yet a country boy from Kentucky who used to catch chickens that could sing and play country music is something that is funny? Often, farmers are not celebrated on the big screen, but outlaws are. You see, no talented celebrity has ever held a common sort of job, not even from before they were famous.
It wasn’t long before he silenced the audience with his guitar playing and singing. In fact, he made the morning news, but you wouldn’t have known the respect the news anchors had for him by their words or tone. I don’t know if he’ll win the show or even put out a compact disc, even if he doesn’t, I’ll still be a fan. It takes nerves of steel to travel to a big city and perform on a stage whose audience thinks you’re laughable. It would have been really easy to call them out on their behavior, but after a few seconds of sinking I think they learned just how wrong their first impressions might have been. A standing ovation follows from the fourth judge, the audience. The judges allows him to continue to the next round.
Sadly, the phenomenon on a disrespectful audience isn’t likely to go away. Past seasons of America’s Got Talent should have proven that people are always surprising. Talent comes in packages of all shapes, sizes, and colors. Singers have one kind of talent and dancers another. It’s not easy to put them against each other and find the most talented of them all. It really comes down to “Which person’s act is the most entertaining?”
The way I see it, if nothing good comes from America’s Got Talent, there’s always Nashville Star and he’ll already have a fan following.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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