Unreached People

Times New Roman – My pastor is heavily invested in the church’s youth program. So when they went to a conference in Tennessee, he went too. One day, the speaker asked the kids to shout out the answers to questions like these: Favorite actor? Favorite musician? Tennessee Titans or Dallas Cowboys? What unreached people group are you praying for? With each question, the thousands of kids got louder and louder. With the last question there was silence. The next sunday my pastor asked the same questions and the same silence answered the last question. (Though he asked Chicago Cubs or Indianapolis Colts? instead of the other football question.) If I were to ask you what unreached people group are you praying for, would you answer me with an awkward silence?

I was looking at a blog with various news headlines that might be of interest to Christians. On the upper left-hand side of the page is a widget that asks Christians to pray for a specific unreached people groups. A different one each day. I didn’t visit the site intending to adopt an unreached people group to pray for, it just sort of happened. The site had a blog that further explained the needs of unreached people group of the day. I looked at past dates, including one towards the end of April. It seemed good to may to pray for a certain people group, and so I shall.


That is the website with all sorts of information about the various unreached people groups. I warn you though, choosing to pray for a people group means you have to care for the people. They might currently be in a religion that is hostile to Christianity. There might be reports that it’s members are actively persecuting Christians. You still have to pray for them. If they’re hungry from a famine or sick from a plague, you still have to pray for them. You’ll have to be heavily invested in your people group. Interceding on their behalf might cost you, but it will cost you more to not care about unreached people. God loved you when you were unreached, there are billions of people in an unreachable corner of the world each and every one of them loved by God. Unreachable to the vast majority of us, but not untouchable by God.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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