Here we are to wor-what’s that guy doin’?

Berlin Sans FB – (Now as I recall, I posted the picture of Jericho 1 when I first introduced him. Then we decided to sell him and keep the other puppy. So here is the real Jericho.)

Puppies are Cute.

The man in question we knew as Creepy Guy. He had the talent of saying the wrong thing at the wrong time to the wrong person. When I first met him, he told the German and me that we were praying the wrong way. Sometime later he joined my parents Sunday School class. I was told that in a typical class, he would ask a question and somehow find a way to bring the conversation to himself and about all the things he knew. So my parents learned alot about him, mostly that he was selfish.

My sister spent a Sunday at a friends church. She stuck out like a sore thumb as the only new face in the small crowd of twenty people. Surprisingly, all the usuals save for the one that had invited her were present. It was the charismatic crowd that my sister would be worshipping with that day. They were loud, dancing, jumping, speaking in tongues, rolling on the floor, and that was just for starters while the music was playing. Like Paul had said, it seemed like these people were outside their minds. Somehow or other, this one girl managed to make even more a scene in that chaos. She was running back and forth through the aisle randomly falling down again and again. She continued to do so when the pastor asked the people to simmer down. It took a little while for the people to simmer down and Miss London Bridges took awhile longer to calm down. Then, after the longest while, the pastor cracked open that Bible.

At the church of a friend of my mother’s, the worship time was professionally handled. There were many people playing instruments or using their vocal instrament to make music. Then there was this one guy dancing around. He wasn’t all over the place, but you couldn’t miss him. He earned himself the nickname Happy Guy. He was a slight distraction, but not nearly as bad as either of the first two.

When it comes to Sunday mornings in my church, we’re usually rocking the songs that are played off of Christian radio. It’s pretty much whats on a “Top 30” C.D. of Christian Music. Here and there hands will go up into the air, but there’s one guy that will whistle loudly. It just ain’t worship until the guy whistles.

Sometimes, people in the church will find a way to make Sunday more of a Selfday. Othertimes, people will happily dance or gladly whistle out of sincere heart of worship. It’s rather easy to tell the difference. So here’s my question, is it alright for a church to keep it’s worshippers reigned in? What ought to be done with people who make a show out of themselves and distract others from God? When a church ain’t operating according to the Bible’s instructions, ought you to call them out? What would you do in each of these situations?


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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