A Thriving Flower

Bodoni MT – (Greetings to anyone who has responded to my plug. I can’t guarantee that my usual writings will be your cup of tea. It’s okay if it isn’t, I know a thing or two about tea and I know no two people take it the same way. For the rest of you an update, we’ve been selling what we can on craigslist and placing ads on freecycle to get rid of our odds and ends. Were it not for our vehicle troubles, we would be getting more done instead of juggling people and rides. We now own shy of two dozen acres.)

Purple ExplosionPurple Explosion Descendant

Some years ago, we planted both light and dark purple petunias in a stump of a tree. They exploded and I produced a picture of it. Then we did what we do best: we ignored the plants. I can’t remember if they were half alive or more dead than anything when the stump grinder guy offered his services, but the job needed done. After having seven stumps removed for a very fair price, we had all too quickly forgotten about the former stump.

It was much to our surprise to find a petunia stubbornly growing there a few days ago. I had to take a picture and so here it is. To think what might have happened. The digging out of the rot of the stump, cutting down the wood sides, the use of a stump grinder to thoroughly mix it all in, some time to break down the rot, the potting soil, and bits of aged wood. Then add some sunlight and occasional water to the mix. No we’re not a plant, but there is a lesson in thriving where we’re planted, even in adverse situations. (Of course, I’ve since transplanted the flower because it was in danger of being mowed over.)

Many pastors would say it’s important to support missionaries, but you are missionary of wherever you are. You’re a missionary to your school, to your co-workers, to your clients, to your family, and to people you’ll pass by on the street. Some Christians are annoying missionaries. Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort might be able to reach the lost after meeting them for five minutes, but their style will not win points with co-workers. Most people prefer getting to know people and then telling them about Christ awhile after.

I could tell you about all the adverse situations Paul found himself in and how He still managed to keep it together and point people toward Christ. But I don’t want to. Paul never faced this global economic downturn / meltdown. He was never laid-off of work. He didn’t have a wife and kids to feed. I don’t think he even had a dog to keep him company. Chances are the vast majority of us will never be forced out of town by a mob, be beatten up by said mob and left for dead, face jail for our beliefs, be brought before the town council, or have anything that happened to Paul happen to us. But, if he managed to keep it all together and point to Christ through all that, shouldn’t we be able to do the same no matter how difficult things are for us?


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