Overwhelming Love

As of late, I haven’t found much to say. What could I discuss that hasn’t been said? What more can I devote to this subject or that one? Could I have mentioned a difficult concept another way? Is there some resource that can be our common ground for debating a particular theological point? I ask of myself what is the toughest thing for me to comprehend. I understand that there are some things that people can study all of their lives and still not know everything about. I’ve come to terms with the Trinity aspect of God. He is One. Not two or three gods, but One God. One God who is so big he gave us three ways to get to know Him. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He created everything we see to glorify Him and everyone to love Him. This is our choice. The price for choosing no is an alternative you do not wish to explore.

It’s love. Is it the sort of infatuation upon meeting a potential match for the first time? (A.K.A. love at first sight) Will it last the second meeting? Will it continue once an accuaintance becomes less of a stranger and more of a friend? Is love the sort of feeling that couples build their relationships upon? When the feeling isn’t felt is it grounds for a dissolution of that relationship? Is love still love when it ages and takes another form? What sort of love compelled God to make me the way I am? What sort of love made Him put his only son on a cross so I could be counted His daughter?

If you took all the good things about love that you see on television, it would be far too shallow to portray the sort of love God has for each and every one of us. From the best of us to the worst of us, His love for us is the same. What about the bad things about love? (For everything has two sides.) Are they the unfortunate result of our fallen natures and misguided teachings on love? Can businesses really make money off of love? If ‘love’ centered businesses outweigh a certain chain fast-food joint, where is there so much heartbreak here and all over the world? How can God love us through all of that when we tear apart a central aspect of His being? After all, don’t we say that God is love? Truely, we don’t have a complete picture of God’s love for us, because if we did, it would be overwhelming.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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