The church can survive the new

The old and the new don’t neccessarily make the best combination. Jesus told us that nobody puts a new patch onto an old garment or pours new wine into an old wineskin. That sort of thing tends to ruin both things. Yet, churches are trying to attract the youth with the new and please the elders with the old. Unsurprisingly, it’s not taking too well.

In an age of itching ears and the possibility of learning pretty much anything from pretty much anywhere, going completely new scares the elders. They have seen how some claimed to be more and got a following and took them for a lemming-esque walk. In their wisdom-tempered years, they have done what they thought they would never do, get stuck in their parents and grand-parents churches. The youth are not interested in the old-fashioned way that served generations of their ancestors. They have seen how few older Christians really live like they ought to. If they’re going to believe in this, they’re not going to hold back. Yet, the old things tend to betray the times. In places where there are a little bit of both, the chasm grows. Christianity has survived two thousand years to be divided on technology.

Some churches refuse to allow Christian rock bands to lead music worship. Drums and base and electric guitars can only lead to trouble, aparently. Yet few of those pastors do not use microphones on Sunday mornings. Our current Sunday morning worship would be unrecognizable to Christians of The Way. They were able to be flexable and adapt. Our elder generation is afraid to pass the baton. So here I find myself in a corner of the country where on almost every country road there is a little white baptist church with fifty or fewer people worshipping as if it was 1989. Old or new, make your choice and run with it. God can and will bless the one as He will the other so long as they are submitted to Him. Elders, another advantage of a new-run church, you’ll never be unable to hear to the music or the message. Youth, when you’re the elders, you can always allow for the change and bring the church into today to reach those lost today.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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