Family Responsibility

Many churches that do not baptize babies often dedicate them to the church. Everybody stands up takes responsibility for helping to raise the young children. After all, if it takes a village to raise a kid, it takes a church to bring up a kid to follow after God. There is not much evidence of success as a frightening number of youth are turning away from the faith as they turn into college textbooks.

So then, if the church has not live up to some of its responsibilities, are there any others at fault? Perhaps, but blaming is no solution. Paul wrote that Timothy’s faith was the result of being brought up in the faith of his mother and grandmother. It appears that family is key. And why shouldn’t it be? There was a famous preacher in the old days, most of his kids served in the church, in the generations thereafter, those who didn’t contributed as doctors, laywers, and such jobs. There was also a another guy, a criminal whose children followed in his footprints and only after several generations was there more honest workers than dishonest ones.

Which way have you watched your parents and grandparents walk? Which way will your children and grandchildren watch you walk? Church, have the children that have been dedicated to you watched you as you followed the Lord? Have you been an example to your youth of what to do or of what not to do? When a member struggles, is it not your business or are you encouraging him? Do you call people out on unchristian behavior only on Sundays, or do you ask them to call you if they need help dealing with their addictions?

The point is that we all have a responsibility to everybody. When we are more concerned about our appearances, others can see how shallow our substance is. Why would the youth want to keep on in their parents faith if they hardly see anything genuine in their parents church? As much as we have to look after the youth, our brothers and sisters are also our responsibility. Churches open their doors for most every natural disaster, what about a personal crisis? Besides, the definition of natural distaster is unnumerable personal crises.

I’m just saying that if a church is supposed to be like a family, it’s high time we started acting like one.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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