Candid Christianity

The vast majority of my blog entries pertain to Bibical Christianity. Imagine my surprise to find a surplus of blogs about religion in general and involving Christianity specifically. I’ve never been much of one to talk about a thing when its a fad. After all, what fads have lasted over the long term? At any rate, an unknown blog about a topic doesn’t carry much weight one way or the other.

I was told that if you told others about the whys of your belief, you know – your story, that it would resonate with people a whole lot better than pulling out verses that condemn them for being themselves. I’ve made no secret that part of my story. God took me in when others rejected me. Over time, I went over those big churchy words, sometimes more than once. If I ever stayed away from a topic it was because I didn’t understand much of it. Better to not say and not know than to say something and ruin the facts or, worse yet, contradict the truth.

One thing eludes me. If you dislike a person, you go out of your way avoid them. If you dislike a religion, you vocally put down its adherents and make fun of its core beliefs. Why is there such hatred? What gives you permission to malign people for disagreeing with you? In fact, Jesus told the disciples that if there was a town that was not receptive to their message, they ought to shake off the dust of that place and go on their way, allowing them to be responsible for their own fate. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own fate, wheather or not you believe as Christians do.

Christians, you’ve probably heard of a few organizations or groups whose sole purpose is to oppose the sorts of things you believe. Your responsility is to pray for them. Not to pray for their failure, not to pray that they’ll suddenly fall ill or drop dead, but to pray that because of your steadfast love for God they might be won over. If you believe as I do that God’s will transcends our understanding, then you well know that some people out there who are not now Christians will eventually become Christians, not so much because of you, but because of God’s love for them even now. Do you think that God loved Saul any less while he was involved in the stoning of Stephen than when he was converted? Do you think that God loves those who rail against him any less?

The Bible is the sort of book people will either love or hate. There’s a reason why it calls itself a double-edged sword. (Not so much itself, but God’s words tend to cut people to the heart.) It’s the history of the Jewish people and the story of the founding of Christianity. A lot of people had a hand in it one way or the other, but there was the same God behind it all. What God said, he meant. To whom God spoke, is as significant as what he said. And as far as Stargate SG-1 is concerned, the belief in God is as important as whether or not He exists.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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