The Best Fit

(I’ve been assisting in the process of building a home. First I helped to use rubberized paint to create a barrier between the basement walls and whatever elements they might have to stand up against. Second I helped to fill wheelbarrows with gravel so that we could cover drain tile, which is actually a long black hose. We estimate that we managed to fill about two dozen wheelbarrows over two days of work. While taking a break between loading gravel, I also managed to collect a few handfuls of discarded nails and broken wires at the base of the walls. Needless to say, we worked ourselves sore. So we’re taking it easy today. Besides, in the short term there is little more that I can do.)

Our search for a new church continues after a slightly pentacostal experience. In fact, the only thing we found good about that service was that they played “I am Free.” Things went downhill from there. Some weeks before we moved, the pastor told us that the greatest danger was not those going the opposite way than we were, but those who were basically headed in the right direction but were turning to the right or left some as they went. They’re pretty much the same, but they’re not going to the same destination.

Here is the thing, a church can be a textbook case of pentacostalism, baptist, lutheran, etc, but that doesn’t make them an effective Christian church. In fact, by believing in line with the denomination even where it disagrees with the Bible does lead to a slight turning to either the right or the left. It’s only more prounounced when it’s a theology with a name, for example the Prosperity Gospel or Name it and Claim it. In some cases, the slight turn left continues until you’ve merged with the lane going the opposite way. There are entire churches that have exited the narrow road and found their way onto the south-bound interstate.

I’ve been to churches that have rules about proper non-disruptive worship that even a few years later I still find it difficult to be more expressive about worship in environments that have a much greater tolerance for disruption. There’s no way I’m going to do what everybody else is doing just because they’re all doing it. I was taught better than that. What moves people more than music?

I guess the sort of church I’m looking for is one where there is an environment that has a greater tolerance for disruption, but does not put any pressure on the less comfortable to hop on one foot or anything. Somewhere that plays those songs that artists write every day, nothing older than five years with an occasional hymn and not the other way around. I’d like somewhere with something that appeals to me, a ministry that isn’t childcare or baking or cleaning. A group that is geared for me, a single young adult. I’m looking for something that will be the best fit for me. Most of all, the church has to care about the people outside its doors, recognize that it’s head is Christ, and spend serious time in the Bible especially during the sermon. If you know such a church in Kentucky, let me know and if its about thirty miles away, we’ll give it a try.


One thought on “The Best Fit

  1. Finding a new church is tough.  Wish you lived in my neck of the woods – I’d have the PERFECT recommendation.  🙂  You might want to see if there are any Evangelical Free Churches in the area.  


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