The news story ended with: “People often overestimate the power of a fiction book,” she continued. “People can read fiction stories and not have those stories impact us, just like many of us watch horrific stories on television news and not have a reaction.”

The woman in question was talking about a controversial ficition book with too much detail in areas that public schools should have no bearing in. I disagree. Some become become so enamoured with their favorite fiction books they turn the real world into a mirror image of the false one. The vast majority of these people can be seen at Comic-con or Trekkies etc.

What hurts though is the knowledge that a horrific news story might not illicit a reaction. The more details we’re given, the less we care. What has this world come to? Does even the story matter?

We already know that we’re a desensitized generation. Without sensitivity, we’ve become callous to the plight of others. Never mind the gruesome murders or indecent acts, forget about the women and young children who aren’t alive today. It’s just a news story that doesn’t affect us.

It was the beating and drowning murder of a young man that led hundreds of black and white citizens to march together for civil rights in the 1960s. Today we have no such story that spurs us to march to end violence or sexual exploitation against very young children or promising college students. No tragic tale that we can point to as the line in the sand where we said “No more! No further! We’re not going to allow this to happen to our wives and husbands and daughters and sons ever again!”

No, our hears have long since quit beating and no amount of compassion can be generated by a nation of dead hearts. Unfortunately, I know of no such mention of re-sensitization, but it is due time we come up with one or the latests news stories will only be the tip of the iceburg that we get to hear about. It’s the rest of them we ought to be concerned with because anybody could fall victim to unrestrained violence.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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