What Good

(At this point, all the house is three concrete walls. The rain has kept us from pouring the floor or backfilling around the walls. We’ve taken down the rusted pen and are waiting for the temporary electricity to be installed. There are a number of small trees that have been removed from nearby the worksite.  

We’re going stir-crazy as a result. We’ve been a farm family without a farm in the fairly cold northern reaches of Indiana and now that we’re building a farm, it annoys us greatly that the weather is being less than cooperative. We have so many plans for that land – all sorts of animals – the whole nine yards, but it’s much harder to wait now that it is in sight than it ever was when we lived up north.

Our boxer, Jericho has grown quite a bit. He’ll be one year old come late Janurary. He’ll still be a puppy for two more years after that, but he’s got being a puppy down pretty good already. He’s been successfully trained in that barking means it’s time to go outside, but he loves being outside so he barks quite alot whether he really needs or just wants to be outside. 

The trees are lovely though, except for the one the electric company needlessly chopped. It was botched in such a way that the bark was stripped. The longevity of the thing has been severely shortened and so we’re having them fix the job by cutting it down completely. There had been another electricity line on the property, but copper thieves hacked into it so we don’t want to risk using it or leaving it be. It was put there by another company that came out and clearned the line and they’ll probably uninstalled the damaged electric box while they’re at it. 

I’ve made myself available to continue assisting in the process of building the farm, but there really aren’t too many options available for me now anyway. What good is knowledge you can’t use? What good are skills that are invalid because of who you work for? What good is ability without confidence? What good is writing if there are no readers? What good is the truth when people readily accept lies? )


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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