Mentioned: Conclusion

(Today is a special day indeed. Have some fun! You deserve it! Oh, and the first season of the Legend of the Seeker is now available on DVD! Enjoy!)

Despite David’s unfaithfulness that ultimately ended in conspiracy and murder, he remained faithful to God. It’s no wonder why he recieved an honorable mention. And Samuel’s only flaw was that he didn’t discipline his sons just like Eli, but otherwise he served God all his life. Which leaves the prophets. We know quite a few of the major ones, like Elijah and Elisha. We’ve met some of the minor ones, like Amos and Jonah. Then there are the ones who aren’t named. They are usually referred to as a ‘Man of God’.

None of them were perfect, but David, Samuel, and the prophets all recived a mention in the Hall of Faith that is Hebrews 11:32-34, “32And what more shall I say? I do not have time to tell about Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephthah, David, Samuel and the prophets, 33who through faith conquered kingdoms, administered justice, and gained what was promised; who shut the mouths of lions, 34quenched the fury of the flames, and escaped the edge of the sword; whose weakness was turned to strength; and who became powerful in battle and routed foreign armies.”

It was through faith that kingdoms were conquered, justice was administered, promises were gained, the mouths of lions were shut, the fury of the flames were quenched, and the edge of the sword was escaped. It was through faith that weakness was turned to strength. It was through faith that people became powerful in battle and routed foreign armies. It was through faith God worked through these people to get his plans accomplished.

Faith isn’t for the perfect. Nobody mentioned in the Hall of Faith got it exactly right. Gideon turned his trophies into a priest’s Ephod that was a snare to his family for generations to come. Barak’s lack of confidence caused him to miss out on getting the glory of taking down the bad guy, a woman got that honor. Samson’s love for Deliliah ultimately blinded him and led to his death. Jephthah’s rash vow cost the life of his young daughter. David’s wandering eyes caused him to wander away from God for a time. Samuel’s failure to discipline his sons led to the people of Israel’s demand for a king other than God. The prophets were people God chose to work throughout Israel delivering warnings and messages as well as solutions. Some of them were from the backwater country. Some of them were mostly faithful, but not wholly obedient.

If God can do all of this through some seriously flawed individuals, what can God do through you by your faith?


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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