Fall in Line (Stock Beliefs!)

The Disciples of Christ Church I first knew was big on emphasizing discipline, but they couldn’t manage to keep a pastor in the pulpit for more than a year. Eventually, a church member took up the job. Then they decided to build the church on a street corner where two other churches had been built. They not only lost members and kids, but also classrooms.

Then we found a Southern Baptist Church that slowly but surely descended into legalism, minimum tithes, and a dress code. The last we heard, whole families were either leaving or planning on getting rid of the pastor.

We found bliss at a Non-Denominatioinal Church that felt more alive than either of the previous churches. Unfortunately we hated the state it was located in and took the first oppurtunity to get out of the cold hill-less expanses of the north.

I always thought that the famous ‘no dancing’ rule of the SBC was a little crazy considering they liked the fact that King David was once so happy that he danced. Jesus had a reputation for partying, and in those days partyin and dancing went in hand-in-hand, so don’t try to tell me that Jesus never cut a rug every now and then.

Each church believed different things for different reasons. One United Methodist Church we had spent some time at believed that children should be baptized because it was required for Jews to circumcise their boys.

The DoCC had all sorts of great programs to get people into showing up, but come Sunday, they had no programs to make that service interesting.

What are the sorts of things your church believes? Do you agree with them? Why do you believe the sorts of thing you believe? Because your church does? Because the Bible says so? Because you’ve experienced God’s grace and want nothing more than to make Him happy?


One thought on “Fall in Line (Stock Beliefs!)

  1. It used to drive me crazy that people would use scripture and end up with such diffferent beliefs from each other. (sometimes even use the same scripture to say opposite things) Then I realized it was how they interpreted the words to mean inside their worldview. The more I wrestle with what I believe, what scripture says, on my own– the more it really is my own belief and not just what I’ve heard… it makes a difference!!


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