The Price

(It’s been a bit of a quiet birthday, mostly because of the fact that the birthday boy is elsewhere doing something else. He’ll at least have his favorite kind of cake waiting for him should he decide to stop by. Now that we’re finally catching up on Stargate, it’s nice to see how it all folds out. It took us a little while to figure out that today was his birthday, but at least we didn’t out-right forget like somebody else’s birthday two years ago.)

More than anybody, you would have thought that the Ninevites would have learned their lesson. They did, after all, recieved a word of warning from Jonah. After repenting, they should have continued to do what was right and teach others to do so. But they didn’t.

America should take their warning to heart. From careful reading of the Old Testament, just because Israel was God’s chosen people didn’t spare them from the occasional spanking. Eventually, the nation was conquered and its people scattered. Thanks to our adoption, we too are on God’s good side, but that doesn’t exempt us from the punishment for our arrogance. If God allowed Israel to be conquered because of their unfaithfulness, what will become of us?

(Not to ruin any birthdays or anything, but only under one condition has God ever allowed a punishment to slide – whenever Jesus paid the price. But even so, as a nation we have to pay the price. Still, now’s a good time to do that which is right and to teach others to do so.)


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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