The Difference One Year Makes

Since today last year, these things have happened:
The durango broke down while retrieving a television
My sister went from married to single
My dog had eleven puppies but one died
I did alot of debating
We sent the exchange student home
We chose Jericho
We sold our quarry property
We bought our current property
We moved to a rental house
We put our house up for sale
Moved away from a good church
Got fed up with dozens of not so good churches
I Assisted in the process of building a house
I made Thanksgiving dinner
We finally recieved a serious offer on our house

If you had told me that these things would come to pass, I might have laughed. Things have changed drastically, both in the world at large and in the smaller version that is my own corner of it. God has worked more than I’ll ever know. We knew we would be moving away from Indiana the day we moved to it. It just took a total of ten years to do it. I think though, it’s about time I move my life to give God the glory.

(We finally registered Jericho, his full name is “Jericho, When the Walls Fell.” The osb floor is now in place and we’re finishing framing the last of the walls. Then our next big task is to put down osb on the entire exterior. Good thing three quarters of the walls are in the ground. We’ve had lots of houses over the years and we remembered what we liked most and disliked entirely about our various houses. Now we know that our house had no corners cut, shortcuts taken, second-rate materials, etc. to cause trouble down the line. The temperatures aren’t the best, and the construction site is a pool of mud, but at least things aren’t worse. There is alot yet to do, but we’re pretty far along for the short time we’ve been working on it. )


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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