Merry Christmas!

Unlike Christmases past, we’ve no lights on our house, no ornaments, no trees, no garland, no lights, no decoration whatsoever. This year were were only able to keep the tradition of gift-giving and meal-eating. No neighbor of ours has any lights either. It’s strange, really. Sort of a twilight zone episode of what would Christmas be like without Christmas. As I said last year, I had the feeling that our traditions were being stripped away so we could focus on Christ, whom this holiday honors. No Santa Claus, elves, raindeer, coal, stockings, etc.

I keep on coming to Star Trek Generations, when Cptn. Picard is in the Nexus he believes he’s celebrating Christmas with his family. I think many American Christians are in a similar place. The traditions help us celebrate the reality which isn’t inside the bubble. For us we might be sharing a meal, sharing a gift, and sharing the company of our families. For other Christians those things are luxuries, so let’s not take our blessings for granted.

Iraqi Christians Face Bombs, Attacks in Run-Up to Christmas

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