Church – Happens Every Sunday

At the beginning of this week, I asked if it was supposed to be this easy to be a Christian. I wrote about the unknown Christian genocides, presented three surveys concerning Christianity, told you about the trouble at the corner of “Christianity and …”, and looked at the Christ-Follower phenomenon. Before that it was the History of the Early Church and Heresy Week. Let’s face it, alot of the complexity of Christianity is entirely by our own making. Like the Israelites were not content with the Judges, we too have cast aside God’s system in favor of being “like everybody else”. It was done at a time when people had forgotten their roots. These days I can’t connect the dots between the apostles and the early church without eventually veering into the founding of the Catholic church. Like it or not that’s where all churches today are ultimately founded from, but it wasn’t the first church.

Religion in the 1st Century was simple it was pick and choose your idols or follow the rules the best you can. Christianity was remarkably different. It was freedom from do-nothing, hear-nothing, no-good idols and the countless rules that were more of guidelines. Back then, it was all faith. Faith isn’t simple or easy, it isn’t blind, it isn’t alot of things, but it is there when few other things are. Who knows how it stopped being Christian and started being Catholic. One thing I do know is that the orthodox ways was a poweful force to be reckoned with. After awhile, there was a time of Reformation. This first schism represented a dangerous precedent which constantly rewrites what we know of today as the whole of Christianity.

The church has existed in one way, shape, or  form, for the last two thousand and ten years. It was once a world power in its own right, but its influences waxes and wanes over the centuries. One thing is certain, it happens every Sunday. Do I think being a Christian is supposed to be this easy? I think American Christians are not supposed to be this complacent. I think other Christians deserve to take it easy, but they don’t get the choice and we don’t do nearly enough to help them. I think that it’s not supposed to be this easy to be a Christian and that we don’t deserve the blessing of having it so easy – but that’s grace for you.


One thought on “Church – Happens Every Sunday

  1. I like how you ended the post– “that’s grace for you”Yeah, i get all sorts of feelings to about the state of the church system too. “A bird with broken wing” as one song says…


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