Church Three

With the fallout of the destruction of the last church fresh in my mind, I wasn’t certain what I was looking for in a church. If the last two churches were traditional, it was time to break with tradition alltogether. The thing of it was that while we were searching for church two, this church had yet to be planted. Once everybody else had quit attended church two except for me, the tripped over church three. It was located in a commercial office building. They rented their extra space to whichever company needed the room. When they had first visited the place, it was so different they were repulsed by it. When they had forgotten they had been to place at all they went back and were thrilled. First of all, it was simple. The service was pure music for the first half and then pure preaching for the second half. Unlike the previous churches, the pastor wasn’t a product of seminary, but he had been a mechanic. The same songs we heard on the radio we sang in the morning. Overall, I had attended this church for only a year, but I needed it. Perhaps what was most surprising were the elders of this church. They weren’t much different from the elders of any other church out there, but they recognized that for their grandkid’s sake they needed a church their grandkid’s would like. No church I had ever attended had so many youth, it was unfortunate that I was too old. God blessed this church so much so that one service wasn’t enough. Now they have a couple hundred people at each of the two services. If this church had only one fault it was that they were located in a town we had just gotten the o.k. to move away from. I learned from this church that my two previous churches were in the wrong. You can’t punch out of being a Christian. It’s who you are every day of the week. you can be happy in a church while having your eyes open. You don’t have to have little rules, dress codes, minimum tithes, or labels. God gave your gifts and talents to be used to build up the church, not to sit there and show up.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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