Church Four

So you see, my history with church has been two strikes and a ball to use a baseball metaphor. We want a church where we can be happy without being blind. We want a church were we put our talents and gifts to use. We want a church that isn’t in danger of falling into the trap of legalism. We want a church with a heart after God’s will.

So here we are at a church that is a family church like church one, has a service like church two, both are a recpie for trouble. But they have their church three moments.

They don’t have a nursery, they don’t have a soundboard, but they don’t have to end up like either of my first two churches. Hopefully you can see when I’m a little harsh on churches and a little hesitant to be hopeful. Just like people ruined their oppurtunity to live in the Garden of Eden, it’s people who ruin their oppurunity to have a good church.

Sometimes it’s the committees who feel their pastor isn’t cutting it, sometimes it’s the pastors who feel like their people aren’t getting it, and sometimes it’s us who feel like neither are with it. We must remember that each of us have bosses over us, and the churches, both good and bad must answer to Jesus. So we’re going to do what we can to bring in our talents and gifts and hope that our church is receptive and open.

...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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