Disaster Movies

have you noticed the terrible tendency of disaster movies to punish arrogant people by killing them off?
In The Day After Tomorrow it was the corrupted stock trader.
In Category 7 it was the trigger-happy punk ex-boyfriend.
In Meteor Storm it was the uncaring news reporter.
In The Poseidon Adventure it was pretty much everybody.

Unfortunately, most real life disasters aren’t so choosy. The lives of both the good and the bad, the humble and the arrogant, and the wise as well as the foolish are up in the air. While there might not be any poetic justice in reality, there is ultimate justice just waiting at the end of our lives. Perhaps that is why there isn’t any justice in a disaster or during the fallout of one. Actually, I’m glad that some arrogant people are spared in a real disaster, because it is these that need to live until they learn that they can’t live without Jesus. Isn’t that pretty much another definition of grace?


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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