The good thing about not knowing which church to pick is that you can sit down and compare the best of the best side by side. At the moment though, I’m drawing a blank. You see, both churches have very little for me to do. I’m not a musician, so singing and playing instraments is out of the question. I’ve done the whole nursery thing for years and I’m not keen on doing that again. That just leaves … well nothing. My last church created a ministry dedicated to freeing slaves. There would have been alot of things to do. Organize recycle efforts, schedule times to go and clean along various roads, taking in whatever cans we’ve found, making calls, building a safehouse, etc. The problem was that I wasn’t there long enough to get to know people or to get involved. The church before that had lots of odds and ends. The hand out chocolate bars on valentines day ministry, the visit the local retirement homes ministry, the wash windshields ministry, etc. It’s just that with all that was going on, they forgot to secure God’s blessing in a couple of areas that ultimately lead to their self-destruction. Even the church before that created a program to keep kids occupied from three to six in the afternoon. But neither of the churches that are on the top of the list have very much for me to do. What do you suggest I do? What sorts of your things does your church offer that I can do?


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  1. I commend you for looking for opportunities and wanting to be involved and help build up.Here;s the big picture from my point of view: If you are serious about your place in building the kingdom of God then I suggest spending time finding out how God made you. What gifting you are–  short version here– prophet/ideas, truth & specific words from God, server/seeing & helping needs, teacher/preserving & passing on knowledge, exhorter/ encouragement & revealing who God is, giver/ helping start and support other’s ideas, ruler/able to get things moving, organize, merciful/ showing God’s compassionate side to hurting people. (Romans 12)I see this as similar to people who start college. They need to narrow down what direction they think their major will be in. They study the basic general area of that field and then as time goes on they will specialize within that field and may end up in a unique niche. This is similar to us finding what general area God has built into us. Which one of these seven giftings. Then as we solidly gain understanding in the general strengths and weaknesses of the broader area, and gain experience, we can seek God as how we are unique within it. For example might be prophet, one may have the ability to be a seer (see) while another may be more gifted at hearing.  Or a teacher realizes that there is a neglected area and works at bringing that back into common knowledge, . A mercy might become quite skilled in recognizing a certain type of emotional wounding and work in that area.I know this may sound big and vague but it really is a framework which can guide us…Okay, this is a long enough post in a subject i really care about that I may use it as a post on my own site!Blessings to you as you seek and find~


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