The Boss

To tell you the truth, I like that new television show, Undercover Boss. It’s nice to know that somewhere even the most anonymous hard worker just might get some sort of recognition. There’s nothing quite like a donation given to your favorite charity in your name while another worker is given a raise or a promotion. Soon I wondered just what it would be like if there was an episode where the head of the church infiltrated various churches for a day. Just what would the best of the best look like? How terrible had things gone at the worst of the worst?

The Bible tells us that Jesus’ return is the sort of thing that nobody could possibly miss. So while our boss might not check on us, we should also remember the verse that tells us that some people have actually helped angels without knowing it. We should take God for his word about the whole omniscience thing and remember that every action or non-action we take is known. Another verse tells us that every worker builds on the foundation, the one laid by Jesus. Some works are made with all sorts of things, straw, gold, precious gems. If they withstand the fire that tests them, it is indeed a good thing. Other works will burn right up but the worker will be saved. What have you done for your Jewish Carpenter lately?


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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