Love like a Man

(Unsurprisingly, we couldn’t manage to get even that much done yesterday, but we did get a start which was better than nothing at all. At least we have good weather that is warm enough to facilitate the roofing process. We also discovered that making rice krispy treats with cocoa pebbles isn’t as good as the original.)

The one thing that has caused my family more problems than anything else is that the fathers never passed down anything good to their sons. Namely, because they hadn’t been taught how to love, they couldn’t teach their sons how to love. The fathers are overly critical and the sons are overly frustrated. (Perhaps moreso when they have children of their own.) My grandfather was born during the Great Depression. He came of age during World War II. (Had it not been for the atomic bomb, he would likely have died in the same war that killed his brother. He was less than a week away from being shipped overseas when the bombs were dropped.) Through diabetes, a failed dairy farm, and whatever else life threw at him he peresevered. But when it came to things like love, he had missed out on the memo. From what I’m told, his father ‘was a terror’ who died on the operating table when he was very young. I had the feeling that it was a minor blessing that he never knew the man or learned anything from him. As a result, he had to manage the best he could. I only knew him as the cranky old man he was who once cussed out his grandchildren after tripping over a toy. Perhaps a biblical concept of love was a weakness to his sensibilies or something that nobody had ever taught him. He had three sons and three daughters. Only one of his sons has managed to keep his marriage intact. Only time will tell if his sons’ sons will be as fortunate. It is certain that every generation is an improvement over the one before.

If you haven’t had a good example, then might I suggest Jesus’? He loved Lazarus so much so that he cried. He loved his mother so much so that he made certain that she would be well taken care of by one of the disciples. He loved his disciples so much so that he taught him everything they would ever need know. He loved you so much so that he died so you could live with him and eventually learn to love like him.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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