It Starts Today

(Over the last few days, the consequences of my decision has started to sink in. Fortuantely, I have time to prepare and will be doing so starting today. For many reasons, my lack of self-confidence, social skills, and concerns over the short term effects of this present economy, among them, I have decided to look into my last option. The ‘all else has failed’ option – the military. They provide the greatest benefit in the short term, and even greater opportunity in the long term. As it is, I’m not overweight, just not used to excercise. So long as I put my mind and body to the task of following a training schedule, I should be able to keep up a few months from now which is the time I’m most likely going to sign up. Some members of my family are skeptical, others are surprisingly supportive. I’m looking forward to learning new skills and putting myself into a position where I can improve myself. I was concerned that the changes I’d be making would be met with some resistance, but it may not be a problem. The only thing that could be difficult is finding somewhere to practice running a mile or two, but I have some time before I have to worry about that. Out here the roads are either too well travelled or not well travelled enough. Unlike H-town, there’s no gym nearby, just a state park. At least, I’ve a track of land to hike around on, but I don’t know if that will get me in sufficient shape to keep-up running wise. As they say, I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. The rest of my life starts today – here and now.)

2 thoughts on “It Starts Today

  1. I am behind you 100 % ! If this is God’s will for your life He will give you everything you need to do it. Even the physical stamina you will need! I am proud of you for taking this step of faith. What do mom and dad think? 


  2. @karenluvzjesus – Mom is quite supportive, I don’t think Dad knows what to make of it, but he’s trying to be helpful. My training schedule is simple, the excercises take less than an hour and they start me off easy. The hope is that by the time I finish this training schedule, I’ll be used to regular excercise and have a far easier time in basic training than if I had just shown up. The hard part is choosing more nutritious food when there are all sorts of occasions to eat otherwise. After only a few days of excercise I’m a little sore, but that’s to be expected. I hope to be seeing some positive results in the comming weeks. I don’t want to cause any unnecessary injuries, so I’m starting slow and easy. How have you been?


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