Healing through the Hurting

At almost 6:30 a.m., there was a fatal accident that happened on the interstate in this county. A semi-trailer and a passenger van were involved. Eleven lives were lost. It’s been a few hours, but its effects are still being felt. That particular lane of the interstate has been backed up for hours. Traffic is starting to divert through another local road just by the interstate. According to news reports, the semi crossed the meredian and slamed into the church van, setting the whole works on fire. I live right by one of the least-safe interstates one could find in the country. In the half a year we have been here, three accidents have occured near that particular streatch causing it to be shut down to varrying degrees. Even though we are quite far from the scene of the accident, it’s hard not to take a moment to be silent. I could talk about faith, God’s will, but when accidents such as this one happen there seems to be fewer answers. I lived in Indiana at the time when an Anderson University van was involved in a fatal accident. Two passengers were very much alike, so much so that for a time their identities were confused. One of them died while the other lived. The parents who had grieved over the loss of their daughter were jubilant to discover she was actually alive. The other parents who had waited patiently at their daughter’s bedside were heart-broken to discover that it was their child who had died and they had even missed her funeral. It would have been easy to turn their backs on a God who could allow so many students of a Christian university to perish. It would have been easy to swear off church altogether, but that isn’t what they did. They gathered together, grieved together, built a memorial together, and they healed together. I know not the names of the eleven who perished earlier this morning, but I do know that a time of healing is in order. I’m sorry for your loss.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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