Noah: Preacher, Boatbuilder, and Survivor

(It would be nice if family get togethers did not feel like being in a room full of strangers. My youngest step cousins are busy playing with each other and so they ignore me. My older step cousins are busy talking with each other and so they ignore me. My step aunts and uncles try to trap me into conversation, but it dies out quickly. I only know my grandfather and his wife. I told him about my planned occupation and he told me about the time he was almost promoted so as to pay for a tank he lost in the river of no return. In unrelated news, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake happened earlier today in Mexico.)

Pastors have often speculated how Noah’s neighbors reacted to the spectacle of him building the ark. Where they mocking and making fun of him? Were they indifferent? Jesus tells us that the people were eating and drinking, marrying and giving into marriage until the flood waters rained on their parade. In other words, they were living it up.

Every day that Noah put the hammer to the nail was a silent testimony that he was following God’s instructions. I sometimes wonder if he told his neighbors on the Sabbath the whats and the whys. (After all, as he was the only righteous soul to impress God, it’s likely that he would set aside a day for God.) The New Testament tells us that he was a preacher of righteousness, so by actions and by words he spent the last days on the pre-flood world following God.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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