Joseph: Slave, Dream-teller, Harvester, and Distributer

(Puppies can be destructive when they’re not properly entertained. Among the items we’ve lost over the last few weeks include: A bible, a remote control, a leather sandal, and a magazine. It’s so hard to be mad at something so cute. Anyway, those sandals were really uncomfortable, so I don’t mind the loss of those. On the other hand, without the remote control we no longer are able to change some of the television’s functions.)

When Pharaoh’s dream warned of famine, he took charge by placing Joseph in charge. With impending disaster came impending direction. He worked hard to be certain that when, not if, the day came that the crops would fail, he could return the harvest to the people in need of food. This plan worked so spectacularly, that people came from far and wide to take part of the recieving. It even brought together Joseph’s family in the process.

Joseph’s story actually begins decades earlier, when he was a young boy whose brothers sold him into slavery. Thanks to God’s warning, Joseph had seven years to mitigate the impending disaster. When you know the disasters that are going to happen or are likely to strike, you can do something to make the best out of even the worst of times.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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