Moses: Free, Former Brother, and Shepherd

When a new Pharaoh rose to power, the Israelites found themselves in the harsh condition of forced labor. God rose up Moses to deliver them. Nine plagues later, the people were suffering and Pharaoh was relentlessly stubborn, but not even he could match God’s power when the Tenth and final plague was carried out. The Bible doesn’t record what ultimately happened to the kingdom of Ancient Egypt, though history reveals clips of the story. Ancient Egypt is long gone and Modern Israel has survived yet another attempt to wipe it out in the last one hundred years.

In the whole of God’s plan, He knew that just one plague wouldn’t set the kingdom of Egypt straight. After all, they were used to periodic droughts and floods who they held were caused by any one of their many gods. I don’t know how a leader could harden his heart, but he had some help in that department. As bad as things were for him, he made things worse for his people. It the end of it all was one seriously humbled Egypt, but they were too proud to actually learn something.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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