Taking Action

In the expectation of disaster, Biblical generations have reacted in all sorts of different ways. They’ve lived up their last days, got down to business, trusted an Almighty hand, and knew when to strategically advance to the rear. With the exception of the first coping method, the others all have their merits. Let’s start with the first one though:

Live as if every day could possibly be your last: What if you recieved a text message, an e-mail, or an old-fashioned letter telling you that your appointment with eternity is later on today? Would you continue to wait until you’re ‘old enough’ to take up the faith? Would you live up your last days as the first destroyed generation did? Would you act in accordance with your own ethics and strive to make every wrong you’ve ever comitted right? As of right now, what do you consider your standing with eternity to be?

Get down to business: Sometimes disaster can’t be averted, but it’s impact can be lessened by more than just minimal action on your part. Even in the midst of disaster, a little bit of industriness can go far. Especially when the disaster is long, slow, and not likely to come to a sudden conclusion.

Trust an Almighty hand: There is always a point where relying on yourself doesn’t make up the shortfall. God showed mercy in the midst of turmoil when the plagues didn’t affect his children. While we may have to go more trouble than we would like, we have more going for side than we would think.

Strategically Advance to the Rear: Homes, businesses, vehicles, televisions, and our possessions in general can be replaced. People s’ lives cannot. It might be painful to return to a looted home, but it is much more painful to return to a looted and destroyed home knowing that the realitive that stayed behind to stand guard lost his or her life in the process.


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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