When your thoughts and actions center around your own interests, concerns, and desires, there is hardly any room for anything else. Some Christians are the sort who wouldn’t help another unless it benefited them to do so. They wouldn’t give unless they recieved a good feeling for doing so. They wouldn’t share their story if they felt it would harm their reputation. They wouldn’t give up what they have because they fell as if they had deserved it.

If somebody asked you to give up all of your books so somebody else can learn from them, you wouldn’t right? If somebody asked you to hand over all of your electronics so somebody else can enjoy them, you wouldn’t right? If somebody asked you to donate your extra car so somebody else can can put it to use, you wouldn’t right? But if the books were for the education of orphans, the electronics were for entertaining poor families, and the car was for a woman trying to make a fresh start of her life then you would give them all up gladly.

Is it selfish to want to know if the things you’re going to give up are going to be put to good use? Is it selfish to not want to give up the things that you really like? Is it selfish to let them be a barrier between you and a blessing from God? Which brings me to the biggest point of all, If America is so Christian and number one at giving to others in their time of need, then are we selfish for not wanting to give up certain things? Is there room for God?


...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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