Reputation (Conclusion)

Christian Theocracy? What? When? Okay, I can see how one might be afraid that we’d make things go that horribly wrong, but don’t fear. By the time this one comes to pass absolutely everybody else won’t be here to complain about it. Before that though, you get to have it your way for awhile so I guess we’ll see which one wins out. I’m guessing it’s us though because once the smoke clears, you’ll be seeing the truth as plain as day. The thing is that once we become Christians, our beliefs permeate every area of our life, from how we operate our businesses to how we vote in our senators and representatives. Few things seems as wrong as voting in a guy who stands for the opposite of what we believe. None of us would put a guy in office who promised to completely destroy our military, tank our economy, force us to paint every home white, and that’s ‘just for starters’, right? I sure hope not. The way our government is set up, it’s impossible to change it into a Christian theocracy. Of course, that doesn’t mean it can’t change to anything equally worse.

I’ve already mentioned that our reptuation is somewhat lessened compared to our Early Church counterparts. We’ve let things go from bad to worse. Instead of doing anything and everything possible to change hearts and minds about us, we persist in the same old way of doing things. What is it about a religion with a reputation of being Olf-Fashioned, Self-Righeous, Intolerant, Lying Hypocrites that seems attractive to you? What reputation would you rather Christianity have? What steps ought Christians to take to better their reputations?

...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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