One would think that a word like consequence would be found in the Bible more than just eight times. Of course, while the word does appear infrequently, instances of it are quite common. With sin comes its consequence. Being removed from the guilt of our sin does not remove us from the consequences of our sin. The first sacrifice could not prevent the first sinners’ expulsion from their first home. The common notion that things are supposed to be easy for a Christian is a bit of a let down when new Christians hit their first bump in the road. The very second king could not prevent the loss of his child’s life even after an extended period of fasting and prayer. Even all of the disciples had a hard life when they chose to follow Jesus. Most of all though, there was one person who bore the consequences of sin to its bitter end, paying down its wages in full. Jesus was not born with the sin nature that entangles the rest of us. He was fully man and fully God. He died so that we would have an option as to where our eternity would lie. The consequence of bearing our own sins is to be eternally seperated from God. Some people would think it a rather nice option, though they would not if they believed in the Bible’s description of that place. The result of being removed from the guilt of our sins is just the opposite, living in God’s presence forever. Something that most every Christian looks forward to. It’s a rather weighty decision one must make. The circumstances around the question may not always be ideal, but that is the consequence of living.

...Anyway, that's just how I feel about it ... What do you think?

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